Our therapists offer a safe and confidential space to achieve  sexual health and relationship goals. They utilize collaborative, strengths-based, and client-centered talk therapy interventions, and view therapy as an affirming, supportive and empowering place for individuals and couples.  Our therapists have extensive experience working with folks in non monogamous relationships, BDSM, kink and fetishes, and LGBQI+ community and transgender, nonbinary and gender nonconforming individuals. Both Katie and Eric have received specialized training on treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior and are passionate about offering comprehensive and supportive care for all of their therapy clients. 

Some common issues our therapists address during sex therapy sessions include:

  • mismatched sexual desire

  • infidelity and affair recovery

  • low sexual desire

  • sexual trauma 

  • out of control sexual behavior (sex addiction and porn addiction) 

  • sexual functioning issues (orgasm difficulty, erectile issues, pain during sex, arousal issues)

  • performance anxiety 

  • exploring and navigating BDSM, kink, fetishes, and consensual paraphilias

  • open relationship navigation and exploration

  • sexual communication 

  • consent education and consent communication processes

  • sex education

  • harm reduction

  • stigma management of sexual minority identities (sex workers, kinky folks, polyamorous and non monogamous individuals)

Rates for sex therapy

Our therapists have different rates based on their credentials and years in practice. Please visit our "Meet Us" page for all current therapy rates. 


Payment is due at time of service by cash, credit card, Apple Pay, or Venmo . We do not work directly with insurance companies, but we do offer invoices that you may use to submit for reimbursement.


Appointments are available during our standard business hours (10 am - 5 pm). ​Consistency and commitment to the therapy process is important and typically brings the best results. Most people visit us weekly or biweekly initially, and setting up a recurring weekly day and time is encouraged.

Online Sex Therapy

Katie offers online therapy sessions via HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted web-based software. If online therapy is preferable for you, please indicate this in your initial contact.


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