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New Trainings For AASECT Continuing Education Credits Added!

The Minnesota Sexual Health Institute is an approved American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists provider of continuing education credits (provider # 18-701-M)

We have recently added an exciting training which is approved for Continuing Education credits through AASECT.

Satanic Sexuality: Understanding Satanism as a Diversity Issue for Sex Therapists

Presented by Dr. Eric Sprankle

2.5 AASECT CEs (2h 38m) Pre-recorded Webinar: Rent to View Appropriating the mythology of Satan as a god of carnality, modern Satanism began as a new religious movement in 1966 with the founding of the Church of Satan. Since then, the religion has experienced numerous schisms and factions, most recently with the formation of The Satanic Temple in 2012. Despite differences in the role of esoteric elements in the religion and other theological reasons for division, all Satanists are united in their shared values of bodily autonomy, sexual progressiveness, and viewing sexuality as a form of authentic self-expression important to their religious beliefs. Conceptualizing Satanism as a non-dominant, sex-positive religion, sex and relationship therapists should understand how Satanists’ sexuality can benefit from a religious belief in sexual liberation, but can also be hindered by religious minority stress. The historical development of modern Satanism, the intersections of Satanism and gender, sexual orientation, and relationships, and guidelines for therapists working with Satanist clients are discussed. Learning Objectives: Summarize the history of modern Satanism. Identify key sexual values and beliefs among Satanists. List therapeutic principles for treating Satanist clients in therapy AASECT CORE KNOWLEDGE AREAS: C. Socio-cultural factors and disparities in relationship to sexual values, behaviors and health. Q. Principles of sexuality research and research methods

To take this webinar course, please visit our Training Page


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