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Feature in HUSTLER Magazine: Don't Fear the Queefer

Katie Bloomquist LMFT, CST, recently contributed to a HUSTLER Magazine article by Mike Adams discussing queefing during sex -- Queefing, also known as varting, is when air is expelled from the vagina during or after sexual intercourse/penetration that makes a sound similar to a rectal fart – it is also likely to occur during exercise. Although you can queef from any type of vaginal penetration, the likelihood is much higher from having intercourse in interesting and unique positions as the angles of penetration create gaps between the penis shaft and the vaginal walls.

"This common bodily function has been unnecessarily stigmatized by those who prefer sex to be soundless and not playful. We should strive for sexual encounters that make us emit sounds that we have no control over. One of the things I most routinely tell my patients suffering from sexual dissatisfaction, ranging from dysfunction to boredom, is to have fun while having sex. Be playful. Goof around. Laugh! Bodies are unpredictable, and yours is normal."

Read the full article here:


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